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• Detection of non-combustible lighting and bulb changes
• Replacement of defective ballast-transformers
• Reflector cleaning with special chemicals
• Switch and circuit controls
• L1-L2-L3 phase load distribution calculations
• Lighting intensity measurements
• Inspection of Emergency Lighting fixtures
• Control of signage, totem, showcase and facade lighting


• Conducting tightness controls of the switch gear group in the panel
• Controls of cable insulation
• Proper connection, installation and grounding controls
• Fuse, switch, terminal block, permeability controls of cables
• Controls of the currents drawn by the phases with their measuring devices
• Measurement and prevention of arc or short circuit indications
• Mains input voltage measurements and neutral-earth values
• Determination of burned contacts or overheating
• Voltage measurements between input and output from the input and output by setting the input

compact switch
• Strength check of phase signal lamps
• Vacuum cleaning of physical powders in the board
• Controls of panel doors and hinges



• General dust cleaning with the help of compressor
• Isolation and cleaning of the battery and battery groups
• Measuring the capacities of the batteries
• Electrical connections of the system, assemblies, functions and programs of

electronic cards are checked and errors are determined
• Control of the functions of the inverter, static By-pass and Manual By-pass
• Check the looseness and permeability of all energy-carrying connection points
• Earthing and installation checks
• Chilling and fan group controls
• Function tests on the panel


• Control of capacitor dielectric strength
• Current and voltage measurements in the system, capacitance measurements
• Looseness by making connection controls
• Measurement of current passing through phases
• Measurement of voltage current and power at least 1 second with the power analyzer
• If there is a shunt reactor in the system:
       - Measurement of winding resistance and reactance
       - Capacity control of partial discharge and insulation resistance
       - Current transformer, shunt and oil tests of shunt reactor
• Reactive power control relay programming
• Vacuum cleaning of physical powders in the board
• Controls of panel doors and hinges
• Inspection of stimulus plates


• Oil, fuel and air filters of the system are changed
• Checking for antifreeze and coolant level controls
• Corrosion separation of the radiator
• Checking the hose and connections and performing leakage tests
• Battery level and charge controls can be performed and the oxidation of the polar head is eliminated
• Exhaust system controls and discharge tests of the flue system
• Inspection of fuel lines and fuel level
• Carrying out engine oil and level controls
• Control of all electrical connections, removal of looseness and checks of indicators
• Checking of motorized switches and synchronization board connected to the generator
• Checking all the belts of the system
• Cleaning of engine, chassis and alternator
• Checking the starter and charging alternator
• Group load control and test run



• Testing of data lines within the site
• Performing tests of distance control and data carrying capacities of data lines
• Energy controls and line tests of equipment such as modems, telephone lines

cash registers, printers
• Direction settings, lens settings, sharpness settings and cleaning of cameras
• Camera and network connections and electrical connection controls of 
the recorders, and cleaning of the fan-exterior surfaces
• Performing software updates by checking the camera system’s remote monitoring

and network software
• Controlling of microphones, speakers, DCN units and other equipment
• Testing of the equipment of the voice alarm system
• Inspection of the amplifier connections and operation controls of the fans
• Setting of data line controls and transmission elements in online music broadcasting points
• Inspection of stimulus plates




The thermal imager is the imaging system based on the invisible IR energy as the imaging method and in which the colors and shapes of the image are determined according to the IR energy.

• Detection of value over heating in the fuse groups and cables in electrical panels
• Measurement of temperature values ​​of reactors and contractors in compensation panels
• Detection of heating in circuit breaker circuits
• Detection of overloads through cables
• Detection of leaks in water and heat insulation
• Identifying where the problem arises from installation leaks

termal kamera.jpg



• Cleaning and arranging filters
• Cleaning of dirt trap and breather 
• Heat exchanger, condenser heat exchanger coils, Evaporator and other related equipment are cleaned with special chemicals
• Water drainage line and drainage pans are cleaned and algae preventive tablets are applied
• Control and cleaning of the fan and fan motor of indoor and outdoor units
• Inspection of electronic card, connection sockets and electrical connections of indoor and outdoor units
• Gas and water leakage testing of systems
• Internal and external enclosure surface cleaning of the devices and visible installation of the system
• Compressor oil, current and pressure tests
• Operation and coil checks of four and three-way valves
• If the system’s refrigerant is checked and missing
• Gas leakage, insulation checks and removal of copper pipelines
• Communication cables and thermostat controls



• Cleaning and vacuum cleaning of all unit grills
• Cleaning of the filters in the system and making the time changes with new ones
• Water drainage line and drainage pans are cleaned and algae preventive tablets are applied
• Serpentine are cleaned by vacuum and brush and special chemical washing operations 
• Check for leaks in all pipelines, fittings, valves and coils and check for leaks
• Operation of the device to check that the controls, relays and switches are operating normally
• If the system’s refrigerant is checked and missing
• Cleaning of dirt trap and breather 
• Expansion valves and 4-way valve controls
• Communication cables and thermostat controls

ısı pompası.png


• The central fan motor is cleaned and general checks are performed
• Cleaning of the filters in the system and making the time changes with new ones
• The electric motor is separated from the belt and the idle working sound and temperature controls are performed
• Fan motor electrical connection checks shall be made, tightened bolts tightened
• Measurement of grounding resistances of electric motor windings
• Fan bearing tightness control and lubrication of bearings
• Dust and oil removal of fan blades
• Checking all belts in the air handling unit and replacing worn ones
• Heating and cooling battery cleaning
• Freezing thermostat functionality checks
• Testing of damper motors
• Cleaning of drain pan and lines
• Control of electrical panels of air handling unit
• Control of air ducts connected to air handling units in mechanical rooms and elimination of leakages
• Heat exchanger, condenser heat exchanger coils, air conditioners and other related equipment of

air handling units with special chemicals



• Gas leakage, temperature sensor, oil acid and oil temperature controls of the system
• Condenser cleaning and fan controls
• Inspection of XV / EXV
• checking for vapor leakage
• Making cable connection controls
• Load / Unload and Flow switch controls
• Oil heater and pressure transducer controls
• HP, LP, OP and frost cut-out controls
• Cleaning of condenser and evaporator with special chemical
• Oil pressure checks
• Motor amp and compressor load controls
• Controlling liquid subcooling temperature
• Suction line, saturation temperature, pressure, superheat and environmental temperature controls
• In the open and close maintenance of the chiller units in the open air, the valves in the gas line

should be closed



• Control of thermostats and fan bearings of air curtains
• Heating curtain control of air curtains
• Balancing of fans
• Earthing and electrical leakage testing
• Check the belt pulley systems if there are air curtains
• Shaft cleaning, lubrication and coupling control if shaft and coupling are used instead of belt
• Vacuum cleaning of air curtains with vacuum or brush, washing with chemicals
• Lubrication of air curtains for motor and fan shaft bearings

hava perdesi.png


• Pump tightness, tightening of screws and bolts, tightness of valves and check valves
• Adjusting the coupling and the control of the sounds that may originate from foreign bodies
• Adjusting the discharge head at the pump operating point
• Electrical supply voltage, all connection cables, thermal relay and contractors in the board

to control the problems
• Cleaning of impurities
• Inspection of pumps impellers and impellers, physical cleaning of the pumps
• Bleeding the pumps
• Cleaning the collectors to which the pumps are connected
• Pressing the collector water,
• Renewal of defective gaskets of the pumps
• Performing suction line pressure check



• Check the mechanical shaft seal wear of the pumps and water leakage conditions of the engine
• Pump tightness, tightening of screws and bolts, tightness of valves and check valves
• Check the pump motor housing for water and oil leaks and replace oil seal, gasket and plug 
• Check and clean the cable entry of the pump
• General electrical control of pump panels
• Cleaning of the well where the pump works
• Measuring the current of the pumps according to their power

dalgıç pompa.jpg


• Internal and external cleaning of fire detectors and all field elements with special chemicals
• Replacement of broken push buttons and faulty push buttons
• Fire detection and warning system wiring connections, detector lines, siren lines and electrical connections are checked and problems are solved
• Checking the batteries in the fire detection and warning panel and removing the faults detected in the panel
• Fire detection and warning panel keypad and display controls
• Check if the voltages of the loops and other outputs are measured at nominal values
• The test drain valves of all flow switches connected to the sprinkler system are opened and

activation controls of the input modules to which they are connected
• Activation of the input modules to which they are connected by changing the position of all

butterfly valves connected to the sprinkler system
• Fire detection panel software updates
• Performing scenario tests of fire detection and warning panel

yangın algılama.jpg





• Fixing the problems by controlling the mechanical and electronic components of shutters and sliding doors
• Inspection of optical safety photocells, remote control receiver / data card and flasher lamps
• Lubrication process of mechanical equipment
• Controlling and adjusting the electronic cards that control the movement of the system
• Performing belt controls of shutters and sliding doors and replacing problematic belts
• The parts of shutters and sliding door systems are cleaned from dust and foreign materials and

internal and external cleaning of the devices


• Production of cabinet and door
• Cash desk desk, drawer repairs
• Cabin hangers, mirrors and skirting board repairs
• Door Handles, Hinge, lock changes
• Rail stand repairs
• Mannequin lower stand manufacturing for showcase and store
• Cabinet Manufacturing
• Cash desk manufacturing
• For Store, Showcase, Ceiling paint works

• Gypsum Tinctures
• Single face-Double face Plaster wall and partition wall manufacturing
• Manufacture of ceiling of clip
• Ceiling Rock-wool changes
• Ceramic slab and floor works
• Gypsum-thin plaster works
• PVC, laminate and carpet flooring
• Welding works
• Barisol on-off and cleaning work



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